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Chris Tucker is an internationally recognized actor and comedian best known for his energetic performances and unique voice. Chris is involved in various humanitarian efforts and is an avid supporter of charitable organizations. His vibrant personality and undeniable talent have made him one of Hollywood’s most sought-after entertainers.
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Chris Tucker Filmography

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Silver Linings Playbook Danny
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Rush Hour 3 Detective Carter
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Rush Hour 2 Detective Carter
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Rush Hour 2 Detective Carter
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Jackie Brown Beaumont Livingston
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Money Talks Franklin Hatchett
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The Fifth Element Ruby Rhod
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Dead Presidents
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Friday Smokey
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House Party 3 Johnny Booze
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Working Together

to Make a Positive Impact

A Charity Organization That Cares
The Chris Tucker Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of youth and families through implementing innovative initiatives and funding life-changing programs. Our organization works with industries of all kinds, including doctors and lawyers who support us.

This foundation started out being an AIDS relief foundation, and then we started doing local charity work that included offering scholarships to children of impoverished families and the homeless. Our vision is to make a positive impact in the lives of youth by galvanizing community leaders and corporate partners and engaging a collective community to address critical needs affecting today’s generation of young people

Meet Chris Tucker

Christopher “Chris” Tucker Born August 31, 1971, is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for playing the role of Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour film series. Tucker became a frequent stand up performer on Def Comedy Jam in the 1990s. He came to prominence in the 1995 film Friday alongside Ice Cube. Next he co-starred and exec. produced Money Talks with Charlie Sheen and appeared in Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element before beginning work on the highly commercially successful Rush Hour films.

In 2006 he negotiated an unprecedented $25 million salary to appear in Rush Hour 3, which at the time made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Tucker is also a humanitarian and spends much of his spare time traveling and working with his foundation. He currently appears in the Oscar nominated film “Silver Lining Playbook” with Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. He is also on a stand-up comedy tour that has received rave reviews all over the world.

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